Furniture store Luzern

General description

We are a well-known furniture house from Lucerne and manufacture innovative furniture for the kitchen, living and sleeping areas. The furniture house "Wohnteam" pays attention to high-quality materials and exceptional compositions when developing and producing new furniture. In addition to planning, you can also get advice from our experts. During the consultation, we pay attention to high demands and quality standards. This article describes the services of the furniture store Wohnteam from Switzerland in more detail.


Company history

The Wohnteam furniture store was founded in Lucerne in 1973. In the early years, we specialised in the production of furniture and furnishings in classic design. Over the years, our development and production has adapted to the changing times and tastes. On our website you will therefore find furniture from different areas. You can also get advice from our experts on the design of your rooms. With us, you will find the right furnishings and home accessories at a reasonable and fair price. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service and the competent staff.


Products from Wohnteam furniture store in Lucerne

At Wohnteam you will find furniture in classic and modern style for the bedroom, dining or living room, the entrance area or your kitchen. Elegance, style and high quality are particularly important for the production of furniture from the furniture store in Lucerne.
We run the first "flagship store" in the country and focus on high-quality furniture in Italian and modern design with "Cattelan Italia". On our website, in addition to our own furniture, you will find furnishings and other home accessories from over 100 other furniture manufacturers. Particularly popular are the Belgian upholstered furniture by "Jori" and the "Leolux designer furniture". In addition, you will also find lamps from "Massifcentral" from Germany in the shop. These are high-quality designer lamps. We also offer floor and wall clocks by Biegert and Funk in our online shop, e.g. "Qlocktwo". You can order the clock in different fronts, designs and sizes.



The furnishings offer you a retreat with a high level of living comfort. With us you will find small and large kitchens in different designs and shapes. The technology we use for our kitchen equipment is groundbreaking and is complemented by innovative elements and accessories. Popular kitchen furniture and fixtures, such as Ceramics, Stratos, Skorpio and Spyder, give our kitchens a special elegance and style. The aim is to offer our customers high-quality furniture at an affordable price. We place particular emphasis on first-class workmanship and high-quality materials in the development and production of our kitchen furniture. Our kitchens are suitable for families or a single household, for large houses and small flats. On request, our kitchens can be adapted to your individual wishes. With us you will find high-quality kitchen equipment at attractive prices, which can be perfectly combined with other home accessories and furnishings. Elegance, beauty, exclusivity and lifestyle play an important role in the development of the kitchens.


Dining, sleeping and living area

In addition to kitchen equipment, you will also find exclusive and high-quality furniture for the dining, bedroom and living areas in our online shop. We rely on high-quality materials and quality standards to be able to produce attractive and stylish furniture for our customers from Lucerne and the surrounding area. In our furniture store, you will also find exclusive and high-quality furnishings and furniture from "Cattelan Italia", such as the particularly popular dining tables. The high-quality furniture from "Cattelan Italia" is suitable for dining, bedroom and living areas. Tables from the brands Keramik, Stratos, Skorpio or Spyder are stylish and convince with their high-quality workmanship. Our competent staff can help you choose the right furnishings for your flat or house.


Home accessories and lamps

In our online shop you will also find home accessories and lamps. Lamps are particularly important for the ambience and living atmosphere. In addition to classic lamps, you will also find modern design lamps in our online shop.


Furniture and furnishings in classic design

At "Wohnteam Collection" you will find various pieces of furniture and furnishings in classic design that are popular with both younger and older people. We put elegance and style first. Our furniture pieces are carefully designed to embody timeless beauty and fit seamlessly into different interior styles. The furniture store aims to produce high quality furniture pieces in a classic design for the people of Lucerne and the surrounding area. The furniture pieces are suitable for small flats and large rooms in a house. The furniture pieces are characterised not only by high-quality workmanship, but also by an affordable and fair price. At Wohnteam furniture store, you can get high-quality and exclusive furniture pieces at a good price-performance ratio.


Unique interior design

For almost half a century, we have enriched the Lucerne region as an established furniture store and are proud to be one of the most renowned places to go for high-quality dining, bedroom and living room furniture. Our primary goal is to offer our customers fair value for money and to delight them with an exquisite selection of elegant, beautiful, modern and exclusive furniture. The popularity of our furniture extends equally across all generations, as we aim to combine timeless elegance with modern sophistication.

With us, you will find pieces of furniture that embody timeless class and fit harmoniously into any interior. At the same time, we also focus on developing regularly updated furnishings with a modern look and stylish design to accommodate the diverse tastes of our customers.

In our furniture store in Lucerne, you can expect a wide range of furniture with unique and extravagant interior design that will transform your living space into an oasis of comfort and aesthetics. Particularly noteworthy is our "Flagship Store", where our customers can benefit from generous discounts of up to 15 percent.


Other services

Our highly qualified professionals and interior designers will be happy to assist you with expert advice on planning your home and selecting the right furniture pieces. Together with you, we will develop an individual furnishing concept that perfectly suits your needs and preferences. In doing so, we always keep your quality requirements, your budget and the spatial conditions in mind.

Whether it's a matter of redesigning an existing room or redesigning your living area, our competent advisors are always there to help you in word and deed. At a time when living space is becoming increasingly precious and space is limited, especially in small flats, we specialise in offering tailor-made solutions. On request, we can make pieces of furniture to your individual measurements in order to make the most of your living space.

After careful planning, the selected furniture and furnishings are delivered to you and, if required, even professionally assembled at your home. At Möbelhaus Wohnteam in Lucerne, good customer service comes first. We place great emphasis on ensuring that the furniture items delivered are properly assembled and installed to provide you with an all-round satisfying experience.